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Can my personal care assistant ride with me?

Absolutely! PCA’s are allowed to ride with passengers for free upon presentation of a Valley Metro Platinum Reduced Fare Pass with the designation “PCA OK.”

What do I need for a reduced fare?

Seniors 65 and over just need to show their Valley Metro Reduced Fare ID card, a driver’s license or state ID. And persons with disabilities can present a Medicare card or Valley Metro Reduced Fare ID Card.

Can I bring my service animal on the bus?

Valley Metro is proud to allow service animals (i.e. guide dogs, signal dogs or other trained animals) to ride alongside passengers who require help getting around.

I have specific needs for travel. Can I request a modification?

Yes, requests meant to make Valley Metro’s fixed-route bus, light rail and/or ADA paratransit service policies and practices more accessible for those with disabilities can be made through email, in writing or by phone.

What if my request for modification is denied?

Want to appeal a decision? Requestors will be informed of their right to appeal and how to initiate an appeal.
Find more information for requesting reasonable modifications here or call (602) 716-2100.

Light Rail

How will I know when the next train is coming?

We always announce the next train as it is close to arriving via voice announcement and visual displays on platforms.

Are wheelchairs allowed on light rail trains?

Yes they are. People with disabilities are more than welcome to use any device designed to suit their assistance needs. From wheelchairs to walkers, canes to crutches, Valley Metro accommodates the needs of its passengers.

What mobility devices are not allowed in securement areas?

Skateboards, shopping carts and bicycles might have wheels, but they don’t count. Additionally, using a walker with a built-in seat, as useful as it may be, cannot be used in securement areas.

Will there be guaranteed seating for me?

Each light rail vehicle contains signage indicating which seats are priority seats for those with disabilities, including at least one forward-facing seat. A train operator, while not required to, may ask passengers to make this seating available to those with disabilities.


Are there Dial-a-Ride services in rural areas?

Yep! Several communities offer same-day services, even in more rural areas, as long as you carry ADA Dial-a-Ride certification.

Who can ride on Dial-a-Ride?

Persons with disabilities, seniors age 65 and over and the general public can all come aboard the Dial-a-Ride system. Services may be limited in scope, but check with your local government for more info.

Can I cancel a scheduled ride?

Yes you can. Just shoot us a call at least a couple hours ahead of your scheduled pickup time so there are no delays along the route.

What number do I call for schedules and fares?

Reach out to us at (602) 716-2100 for any and all information you may need.

Does Dial-a-Ride offer services throughout all of Phoenix?

Yes, virtually every corner of the Metro Phoenix area is covered by Dial-a-Ride service. In some communities service is provided even outside of regular zones.

Where can I find out more about the service areas?

You can, view our ADA Paratransit Service Areas here.

Other Service Options

What if the area I live in is not covered by ADA Paratransit?

This chart lists other service options by community and provides contact information for each program.

How can I get in contact with paratransit services?

More information can be found by calling (602) 716-2100 or emailing paratransit@valleymetro.org.

Reduced Fare Program

How can I obtain a reduced fare ID?

Getting a reduced fare ID is simple and quick. Just download the instructions and mail to Valley Metro with supporting documentation.

Find applications and more reduced fare program information here.

How much do ID’s cost?

There’s a one-time $5 fee attached to processing your application.

What if I need a replacement ID?

We can take care of that. You’ll just need to go through the application and fee process again.

Service Animals

What kinds of animals qualify as service animals?

At Valley Metro we understand that help comes in many forms. That’s why all service animals (i.e. guide dogs, signal dogs or other trained animals) are allowed to come aboard local bus, Dial-a-Ride and light rail vehicles to assist their owners with disabilities as long as they are under control.

Can I bring my therapy pet onboard?

If you have a service dog or cat or other animal they have to be stowed within an enclosed pet carrier that fits on your lap or beneath the seat.

Travel Training

What is Travel Training?

Valley Metro provides free training for passengers with disabilities who need help navigating routes. Qualified trainers work one-on-one with passengers and go over everything from planning trips to recognizing stops to understanding our fares. 

Does my trainer ride with me?

Your travel trainer rides with you until you feel safe, confident and independent when riding Valley Metro.

Is Travel Training free?

Absolutely 100% free.

ADA Eligibility

How Do I Apply for eligibility?

Download your ADA Dial-a-Ride Eligibility Application here, or call the Valley Metro Mobility Center at (602) 716-2100.

Will Valley Metro provide a ride to my assessment?

Yes, Valley Metro will provide free door-to-door transportation to your assessment if you reside in Maricopa County upon request.

When are tests given?

Assessments are performed on non-holiday weekdays between 8am and 4pm.

How Soon Will I Know If I Qualify?

Valley Metro has up to 21 calendar days after your assessment to determine your level of eligibility of ADA Dial-a-Ride services.

How Long Does Eligibility Last?

ADA Dial-a-Ride services are good for five years and permanent eligibility can be offered to those whose disability isn’t expected to change.

ADA Policy

How do I file a complaint if I feel I’ve been discriminated against?

Passengers have the option to submit an online complaint form.

Find more information and other ways to file a complaint here.


How many park-and-ride locations are there in Metro Phoenix?

There are 11 park-and-ride locations and together total 4,500 parking spaces. Plenty of spots to park your car before hopping aboard Valley Metro.

View an interactive map and more park-and-ride information here.

Can I park my car overnight?

The only exception Valley Metro makes is for those who obtain a special parking permit allowing them to park overnight. Otherwise parking your vehicle for more than 24 hours could get you ticketed or towed.

Is my car safe at park-and-ride?

All park-and-ride locations are monitored by security officers and cameras. However, while we’ll do our best to keep an eye on your car Valley Metro assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to parked vehicles. 


Where can I lock my bike at?

Valley Metro passengers can lock their bikes at nearly 30 light rail stations as well as all park-and-ride locations.

Can I lock my bike overnight?

Bikes are not allowed to be kept locked at park-and-ride or light rail stations for more than 24 hours.

What happens if I leave my bike locked for longer than 24 hours?

If you leave your bike unattended for more than 24 hours the lock will be cut and the bike will be taken to our Lost and Found at Central Station at Van Buren and Central Avenue.

PHX Sky Train®

Is PHX Sky Train free?

Absolutely 100% free.

Where can I board PHX Sky Train?

Travelers heading to the airport should exit at the 44th St./Washington light rail station and take the escalator up to the PHX Sky Train platform.

How much does it cost to ride light rail?

A 1-Ride light rail fare is $2 and valid fare is required to ride. Light rail passes can be purchased at light rail stations, the Sky Train station and participating retail locations. 

I just flew in. Where can I find PHX Sky Train?

Access to PHX Sky Train can be found at Terminals 3 and 4.

  • At Terminal 3, PHX Sky Train is located on Level 5. Travelers can access the station by taking the escalators in Ticketing up to Level 4. There, they will enter the station and take the escalators to Level 5 to access the boarding platform.   
  • At Terminal 4, PHX Sky Train is located on Level 3 where the gates and security checkpoints are located.

Can I park my car during my trip?

Overnight parking is not permitted at Valley Metro Rail park-and-ride lots. To avoid tickets or towing we suggest having someone drop you off at the nearest light rail station or connect to our bus routes (1 and 44).

Does PHX Sky Train run overnight?

PHX Sky Train not only runs overnight, but it runs around the clock all year with stops every three or four minutes.

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