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nextride number on light rail message board

When is your NextRide?

The NextRide electronic service provides quick access to next bus and train schedule information.  All you need is a phone or access to the internet, your route number and your STOP# (located at every bus stop and light rail station).

Valley Metro buses and trains are equipped with GPS technology allowing you to access real-time scheduled arrival times.  Each bus stop and light rail station around the Valley is labeled with a unique STOP#.

Locating the STOP#

To find the STOP# of your location, look for the five digit number posted on the bus stop sign, shelter or light rail station at your location.

Here’s how it works:


  • Call (602) 253-5000
  • Say NextRide
  • Say or enter the STOP# located at the bus stop or light rail station


  • Text 22966
  • Enter the STOP# located at the bus stop or light rail station
  • Press send and you will receive the next arrival times for your stop. If the stop serves more than one route, you will receive times for each route.

*Standard text messaging rates apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a STOP#?

Each Valley Metro bus stop and light rail station has a unique five digit STOP# that allows us to retrieve the next three estimated arrival times for any stop in the system.

Where is the STOP# located?

Each stop and station has a sign with a five digit STOP#.  These signs are located either on the bus shelter or on the same pole as the bus stop sign – some are placed on the reverse side of the bus stop sign.  They are also located near the entryway of light rail stations and also on the station map. See the image to the right for an example.

What if there is more than one bus that stops at my stop, but I could take either bus to get to my destination? How can I find out which bus comes first?

If you call (602) 253-5000, the Interactive Voice Response system will ask you which bus route you want to take and it will give you the next three estimated arrival times for that route. The system will also give you the option to receive additional times for bus routes that serve that stop. If you use the SMS text feature, you will receive the times for each route that serves the stop you are at.

How far in advance can I get arrival times for my bus or train?

If you call 1-15 minutes before the scheduled arrival time, real-time departure times are supplied.  If you call between 16-90 minutes in advance, scheduled times are supplied.

What is the cost for the NextRide service?

Valley Metro does not charge a fee to use the NextRide service; however, normal text messaging rates or package deductions may apply if you use the SMS text feature.  Check your mobile phone carrier for text message details of your plan.

What if I can’t get the information I’m looking for through the NextRide system?

Customer service agents are available to assist you during business hours at (602) 253-5000.  Say “operator” to be directed to a live agent.


  • On the homepage you can type in a NextRide ID to get next departures – in Real Time where available (they are shown as countdown, rather than clock time)
  • We will make it easier to quickly access Nextride’s they’ve added before and book mark
  • If you don’t know your NextRide ID, you can enter an address or cross street. The system will load up the nearest stop to that address. If that’s not the one you are looking for, you can press a stop on a map to get the information you need.
  • If there are two stops with the same name on either side of the road, each will need to be selected separately because each has a unique Nextride ID.
  • All light rail stops are grouped where a route shares a single platform.