RideText | Valley Metro
Picture of person on their phone subscribing to RideText service

RideText is a new subscription text service to help keep you informed of real-time impacts to bus and light rail service. It's easy to sign up and you can subscribe to as many bus routes or groups as you want. Note that standard data and message rates may apply.

How to sign up for RideText

Make a selection below:

Sign up on a mobile device

Send a text to 22966 with the word SUB and the group name (with no spaces). 


  • SUB Route72 (Local Route 72)
  • SUB Route535 (Express Route 535)
  • SUB I10E (RAPID I-10 East)
  • SUB zoom (neighborhood circulator)
  • SUB lightrail (temporary impacts to light rail service)
  • SUB streetcar (temporary impacts to streetcar service)
  • SUB events (events served by Valley Metro)
  • SUB systemalerts (widespread impact to service)

Tips for subscribers

  • The name of the group or route is not case sensitive.
  • To unsubscribe, reply "UNSUB" (with group or name without spaces).