Park-and-Rides | Valley Metro

Use Valley Metro Park-and-Rides as part of your commute

Park-and-rides are free to use and monitored by security cameras and personnel. Parking is designated for daily transit use; parking for more than 24 hours is not permitted. Violators are subject to ticketing and/or towing. Valley Metro assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to parked vehicles.

Overnight Parking Permit

If you are a late-shift worker or have another transit-related reason for parking between the hours of 1-4 a.m., you can apply for a Valley Metro Rail special parking permit. Please note that overnight parking requests based on use of the airport will not be approved; travelers need to use long-term airport parking or private parking services.

Valley Metro vanpools are not required to obtain a permit for overnight parking.

Valley Metro Rail park-and-rides

  • 19th Ave/Dunlap

  • 19th Ave/Montebello

  • 19th Ave/Camelback

  • 7th Ave/Camelback

  • Central Ave/Camelback

  • 38th St/Washington

  • Dorsey/Apache Blvd

  • McClintock/Apache Blvd

  • Price-101 Fwy/Apache Blvd

  • Sycamore/Main St

  • Mesa Dr/Main St

  • Gilbert Rd/Main St