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Policy Definition

Valley Metro provides safe and reliable public transportation in metropolitan Phoenix. In order to maintain a welcoming environment for all riders, Valley Metro has implemented a “Respect the Ride” policy and code of conduct for those using Valley Metro services. Every rider has the right to feel safe and secure on board Valley Metro bus, rail and paratransit/Dial-a-Ride services.

The “Respect the Ride” Code of Conduct is focused on creating a safe and positive rider experience, while also discouraging disruptive, intrusive, unsafe or inappropriate behaviors in a public setting. Violations of the Code of Conduct will not be tolerated and are just cause for removal from the system and/or further penalties.

Transit Violations and Prohibited Behaviors

No individual may engage in prohibited or unsafe behavior on transit vehicles nor on/around public and non-public Valley Metro facilities and property, including rail station platforms, park-and-ride locations, Traction Power Substations, administrative, operational and maintenance offices and facilities, and any other property that is managed or maintained by Valley Metro. Inappropriate behavior is also unacceptable when directed towards passengers and/or Valley Metro personnel.

The following is a list of behaviors and activities that are expected or prohibited on Valley Metro property or vehicles:

  1. Conduct/Civility
    1. Riders are expected to treat other passengers with respect and courtesy, and abide by the rules and regulations in the Code of Conduct.
    2. Spitting, defecating, or urinating is prohibited on any Valley Metro vehicle or property. Entering any Valley Metro vehicle or property with clothing containing blood, urine, vomit or defecation is also prohibited.
    3. Littering is prohibited on any Valley Metro property.
    4. Bringing commercial or large-size carts, recumbent bikes, handcarts or bicycle trailers on board a transit vehicle is prohibited, unless collapsed. Riders may bring a small, personal-use-size stroller or small cart, which must be securely held and cannot block aisles or doorways.
    5. Shopping carts and bicycles must be folded before boarding the bus and kept clear of walkways.
      • Strollers that can be folded and placed so they do not block the aisle are allowed on buses and light rail trains. Strollers can roll aboard unfolded and then be folded for storage once on board.
      •  E-scooter devices that fold and are placed under a seat by the owner and do not block the aisle are allowed on buses and light rail trains.
    6. Roller-skating, in-line skating and skateboarding are prohibited on all Valley Metro property.
    7. Bicycles may not be ridden on platforms or any Valley Metro vehicle. The bicyclist should attempt to use the storage racks inside of the train or on the front of the bus. On light rail, if a rider cannot reach the rack or the rack is full, the rider may stand and hold their bike as long as the bike is not blocking the doorway. Bicycles may not be secured to the station/stop structure, railings, etc. and could be confiscated.
    8. Indecent exposure is prohibited. Tops, bottoms and footwear are required at all times.
    9. Stealing or willfully damaging Valley Metro property is prohibited.
    10. Taking up more than one seat is prohibited. Saving or “holding” seats is also prohibited.
    11. A person may not block the entrance/exit of a light rail train, bus, or other transit vehicle.
    12. Other forms of disorderly conduct are prohibited, including actions that prevent passengers and personnel from safely and comfortably riding/using Valley Metro services/facilities, including destroying, defacing or drawing graffiti on Valley Metro-owned/operated property taking away from the intended use/purpose and value of the property.
  2. Fares
    1. Riders must pay the applicable fare to utilize the Valley Metro system. Using or attempting to use the system without a valid fare is prohibited. Refusing to show valid fare/transit pass to any Valley Metro personnel or law enforcement officer upon request is prohibited and may result in removal from the system.
    2. Riders must pay for and utilize the transit fare for which they are eligible. The misuse of fare/transit pass is prohibited. Reduced Fare passes may not be used unless the rider is in possession of applicable documentation showing eligibility for Reduced Fare.
    3. Distributing or selling a counterfeit or stolen fare/transit pass is prohibited. Fares/transit passes may not be transferred from one rider to another.
    4. Possession of proper fare does not excuse a rider from following all rules and the code of conduct.
  3. Food, Drink, Alcohol, Tobacco and Illegal Drugs
    1. Riders may not bring open food or beverage containers onto Valley Metro trains, buses or other vehicles. Food must be kept in a sealed or resealable container and beverages must be sealed or in a spill-proof container. Eating food is strictly prohibited. Fast food items, drinks, and convenience store beverages are prohibited as they can create spill hazards. This restriction does not apply to agency personnel at authorized locations or to anyone giving food or beverage to a child under the age of five.
    2. Bringing open or unsealed alcoholic beverages onto Valley Metro property or fleet is prohibited. Drinking alcoholic beverages anywhere on Valley Metro vehicles or property is also prohibited.
    3. All forms of smoking, including tobacco, marijuana, electronic cigarettes and vaporizers is prohibited anywhere on Valley Metro vehicles or property. Chewing tobacco is also prohibited.
    4. Use or sales of any illegal substances is prohibited on any Valley Metro-owned and operated property.
  4. Safety
    1. Valley Metro is a destination-based service. Riders may not remain on board a light rail vehicle after arriving at their destination.
      • Light rail riders may not remain in vehicles after they have completed their trips. All riders must exit the train and clear the platform area and Valley Metro property when arriving at their destination or the end-of-line station. Riders should not enter a Valley Metro vehicle if directed otherwise by authorized personnel nor remain on board a train or station if banned from the premises.
    2. Except for legitimate emergencies, entering, exiting or passing through any emergency door of any train or bus is prohibited.
    3. Entering the operator's cab or driver's seat of any train or bus is prohibited, unless in an emergency.
    4. Threat of assault or intimidation of any person is prohibited.
    5. Hindering or disturbing the operation of a Valley Metro train, bus, paratransit/Dial-a-Ride vehicle, operator or passengers of a train or bus is prohibited.
    6. Fighting, taunting or other aggressive/disorderly behavior is prohibited.
    7. Harassing, threatening, following or stalking Valley Metro passengers or personnel is prohibited.
    8. Interfering with or avoiding properly-functioning safety or security measures including interfering with a metal detector, fare enforcement operation or standard fare inspection is prohibited.
    9. The possession of flammable, explosive or hazardous materials is prohibited. Using a match, lighter or torch is prohibited.
    10. Children under the age of eight (seven or younger) cannot ride alone and must be accompanied by a responsible person, which is defined as one who can directly control and supervise the child.
    11. Entering a light rail platform by crossing the trackway and tactile strip from the street, or any location other than a marked crosswalk, is prohibited.
  5. Noise
    1. Riders should use electronic devices in an appropriate manner that does not interfere with the quiet enjoyment of other passengers. Audio and visual devices, including radios, CD players, iPods, MP3 devices, mobile phones and other similar devices must not be audible to other passengers. Mobile phone conversations should be conducted quietly in a manner that does not disturb other passengers.
    2. Causing sounds or behaving in a way that is unreasonably loud or highly disruptive to other’s use of Valley Metro vehicles or property is prohibited. Examples include, but are not limited to: being loud, abusive, indecent, profane or disruptive.
  6. Commercial Activity/Solicitation
    1. Engaging in solicitation or commercial sales of goods of any type without permission is prohibited on any Valley Metro property throughout the Valley Metro system.
    2. Distributing commercial flyers or any other materials to passengers is prohibited, unless sponsored by Valley Metro.
  7. Animals
    1. All animals (except service animals) must be carried inside an enclosed and secured cage or carrying case small enough to fit on a rider’s lap, and must not endanger or disturb other passengers.
    2. Service animals that are trained to assist an individual with a disability are welcome on board Valley Metro vehicles and property. Service animals must be under the control of their handlers, must not block seats or aisles and must not pose a direct threat to any passengers or employees. Service animal handlers are responsible for any damage caused by their service animals. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements, Valley Metro personnel may ask whether a passenger’s animal is a service animal and what service the passenger’s animal is trained to perform.