Riding with Bikes | Valley Metro
bikes in rack on light rail train

Valley Metro invites cyclists to rack’n’roll with us! All Valley Metro buses and light rail train vehicles are equipped with racks to make connecting your commute that much easier.

Racks are first-come, first-serve, so if a bus or light rail is full you will have to practice a little patience and wait for the next ride. Please plan accordingly.

Things to Know

  • Bicycle symbols on the light rail train windows show you the doors nearest the bicycle rack.

  • If space allows you can stand with your bike on the light rail. But please don't block the aisle or doorways and be respectful of other riders.

  • You are responsible for loading and unloading your bicycle. For safety reasons, operators cannot leave their train cabin or bus to assist you.

  • Load your bike as quickly as possible while other passengers are boarding. Be considerate of your fellow passengers, who may need to make a transfer down the line.

  • Lock it up! Make sure your bike is secured properly, and become familiarized with the different bike racks. 

  • To safeguard your bike, lock the wheels to the bike frame. Never lock your bike to the bike rack.

  • To help bus drivers make sure you let them know when your stop is.

  • Light rail stations and fences aren’t bike cages. If you leave your bike unattended for more than 24 hours, the lock will be cut and the bike will be taken to our Lost and Found at Central Station at Van Buren and Central Avenue.

  • There are no bicycle racks on streetcar vehicles. Bicycle symbols show you designated areas to stand with your bike.

Rack ‘Em Up!

Valley Metro bike rack locations are located all throughout Metro Phoenix. Here’s a list of where you can rack and like your bike:

  • All Valley Metro Rail park-and-rides

    • 19th Ave/Dunlap

    • 19th Ave/Montebello

    • 19th Ave/Camelback

    • Central Ave/Camelback

    • 38th St/Washington

    • Dorsey/Apache Blvd

    • McClintock/Apache Blvd

    • Price-101 Fwy/Apache Blvd

    • Sycamore/Main St

    • Mesa Dr/Main St

  • Valley Metro Rail station platform bike racks

    • Center Pkwy/Washington

    • Priest Drive/Washington    

    • Dorsey/Apache Blvd

    • Smith-Martin/Apache Boulevard                                                  

  • Adjacent sidewalk/bus stop bike racks

    • 7th Avenue/Camelback                                                   

    • Campbell/Central Avenue                                                 

    • Indian School/Central Avenue                                             

    • Osborn/Central Avenue                                                   

    • Thomas/Central Avenue                                                 

    • Encanto/Central Avenue                                                 

    • McDowell/Central Avenue                                               

    • Washington/Central Avenue                                             

    • 12th Street/Jefferson and 12th Street/Washington                           

    • 24th Street/Jefferson and 24th Street/Washington                           

    • 44th Street/Washington                                                 

    • Veterans Way/College Avenue   

    • University Drive/Rural Road          

  • Tempe Transportation Center