Riding with Children | Valley Metro
Smiling children riding a bus.

Whether you’re heading downtown for a game or across the valley to see loved ones, riding Valley Metro is a great choice for the whole family. To help make your trip fun and less complicated, let’s go over some helpful tips below.

  • Stop, look and listen! The old adage is there for a reason. Always be alert of oncoming trains, traffic and buses.

  • Always stay off the tracks and stay behind the white rumble strip on station platforms.

  • Is your family known for speed? That’s great! Just don’t try to outrun a light rail train or bus.

Tips for Waiting at a Station or a Bus Stop

  • Give us three steps, just three steps, mister. Just like the song, three steps is all you need to stay safe away from the curb or street.

  • No running, skateboarding or riding bikes until you are off the platform.

  • No pushing or shoving while waiting. Parents, we all know how hard that can be to control.

Tips for Riding Transit

  • Stay together and find your seats as soon as you hop aboard.

  • Hold firmly onto grab bars or stay seated during rides.

  • Keep those headphones on your children if they’re going to use devices like phones or tablets.