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Safe Place

More than 600 teens sleep on the streets of Maricopa County each night. Others are escaping abuse or neglect or have been forced to leave their homes by their parents. Safe Place connects them with safety, shelter and support.

Valley Metro is proud to support our community and youth by partnering with Child Crisis Arizona to designate all Valley Metro buses, streetcar and light rail vehicles and rail stations as safe places for youth in crisis.

What is Safe Place?

Safe Place is a national youth outreach program designed to provide immediate help and safety for teen ages 12-17 who are in crisis. The program is managed locally by Child Crisis Arizona. Teens can go to any Safe Place location and immediately get in contact with a crisis responder. They are transported to a Child Crisis Arizona location where they have access to shelter, counseling and family reunification services.

Valley Metro bus, rail and streetcar

All 900 Valley Metro and city of Phoenix buses, which serve 100 routes across 512 square miles, serve as Safe Place locations. Teens in crisis can request Safe Place assistance on board any bus by notifying the operator.

Valley Metro has designated all 38 light rail stations in Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa as Safe Place locations. Teens can seek help at any station 24-hours a day, seven days a week by pressing the emergency call box button located on each station platform, or inside the vehicle.

Youth in need can request a Safe Place on streetcar vehicles by pressing the emergency call box button, or telling a Security Officer. 

Are there other Safe Place locations?

Yes. There are stationary Safe Place locations across the Valley at Quik Trip convenience stores, libraries, fire departments and local businesses. To find the nearest location, teens can text “Safe” and their address to 44357 or call (602) 841-5799.