Valley Metro Internal Audit plays an integral role in a team effort to plan, build and operate an efficient and reliable total transit network by helping to build trust and confidence in Valley Metro’s operations, processes, systems and vendors. Internal Audit will achieve this objective by conducting financial, operational, compliance, and performance and system audits that are thorough, professional and consistent with the highest standards.

Mission Statement

The purpose of Internal Audit is to serve Valley Metro and its Boards of Directors by evaluating the effectiveness of risk management, control systems, and governance and operational processes. Internal Audit shall perform these tasks by conducting compliance, system, financial and performance audits of any department, vendor or related organization. Internal Audit is granted unrestricted access, where appropriate by law, to all records, personnel and property needed to accomplish its duties. At no time, shall Internal Audit be restricted access to the Audit and Finance subcommittee or its members.

About the Audit and Finance Subcommittee

The Audit and Finance Subcommittee (AFS) was originally formed by Valley Metro RPTA (RPTA) Board as the Budget and Finance Subcommittee (BFS) in 2006 after the passage of Proposition 400 to provide policy oversight of the expanded financial activities of the RPTA. The RPTA and Valley Metro Rail (VMR) Boards renamed the Subcommittee to the AFS in 2016 and expanded the scope of the AFS to add oversight of internal audit functions and to oversee financial and audit functions of VMR.

Contact Information

Vickie Murphy

Sr. Internal Auditor

(602) 322-4454