Valley Metro is committed to providing safe, efficient and reliable public transportation to 18 member agencies in Maricopa County. Organized by division, we support a various set of customers ranging from transit riders, business stakeholders, local elected leaders and the broader community.

Scott Smith headshot

Scott Smith, Chief Executive Officer

Scott Smith is the CEO of Valley Metro responsible for the operation, design and construction of an expanding regional transit network in metro Phoenix, Arizona. The Valley Metro system is a partnership of 17 municipalities and Maricopa County, offering bus, light rail, paratransit and vanpool services to more than 71 million riders annually. He was recently named to the American Public Transportation Association Board as a transit at-large director. 

Smith’s leadership is a continuation of his public service as former Mayor of Mesa and president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, the only Arizona mayor to have served in this position. As Mayor, he strategically guided the 38th largest city in the U.S. to economic rebound between 2008 and 2014. He also has a wealth of experience in the private sector as a certified public accountant, lawyer and CEO of a regional homebuilding and development company. In 2015, Smith served as a Resident Fellow in the Institute of Politics at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.

Smith’s passion for public transportation stems from his belief that transportation infrastructure is critically important to the regional, state and national economy and to improving the quality of life for those who need and choose transit as their mobility option. His strong customer service approach keeps the organization focused on serving the interests of several customer groups, including riders, voters, the business community and city leadership.

Ray Abraham headshot

Ray Abraham, Chief Operations Officer

Ray Abraham leads the Operations and Maintenance Division.  This division is responsible for bus and rail operations and maintenance, including operation of local, express and circulator bus services, vehicle and facility maintenance and customer service.

Adrian Ruiz headshot

Adrian Ruiz, Director, Safety, Security & Quality Assurance

Adrian Ruiz leads the Safety, Security and Quality Assurance Division.  This division is responsible for all safety and security programs for bus and rail transit including the agency’s emergency management planning, disaster response and business continuity planning.

Paul Hodgins headshot

Paul Hodgins, Chief Financial Officer

Paul Hodgins leads the Finance Division.  This division is responsible for budget and operations financial controls, financial reporting, ridership reporting, , general accounting and revenue generation.

Will Grote

Wulf Grote, Director, Capital and Service Development

Wulf Grote leads the Capital and Service Development Division.  This division is responsible for corridor and facility planning, system and service changes, grant applications, on-board surveys, sustainability and system maps, design and construction management, project controls, quality management, facility public art and utilities.

Michael Minnaugh headshot

Michael Minnaugh, General Counsel

Michael Minnaugh leads the Legal Division.  This division is responsible for board and agency legal support, contracts and procurement and risk management.

Jim Hilliard

Jim Hillyard, Chief Administrative Officer

Jim Hillyard leads the Agency Business, Technology and Services Division.  This division is responsible for marketing, technology services, accessibility services, commute solutions, special projects and office management.

Hillary Foose headshot

Hillary Foose, Director, Communication & Strategic Initiatives

Hillary Foose leads the Communications and Strategic Initiatives Division.  This division is responsible for passenger communications, community outreach, media and public records requests.

Penny Lynch headshot

Penny Lynch, Director, Human Resources

Penny Lynch leads the Human Resources Division.  This divisions is responsible for meeting the agency’s hiring needs, overseeing strategic planning, special projects and administrative services and staff functions.