Keeping your cool during the sizzling summer heat

For anyone who’s spent any time during the summer in the Valley of the Sun, they know the desert can be brutal. Learn what Valley Metro does to keep you as comfortable as possible in the triple digit heat.

Sharing the Ride

A growing number of commuters in Maricopa County are saving money, time and the environment by sharing the ride. Learn how you can make better use of your valuable commute time with ShareTheRide.

C’mon baby light my fire…unless it’s an HPA day

Fire. It’s been around since the Early Stone Age. Ancient civilizations used fire for light, heat, cooking, making tools and keeping predator animals away. Fire was a fundamental and critical element of survival.Today, we are learning more about the consequences of that ancient necessity as we bur...

Guardian Angel Campaign Urges Safety Around Transit

We all do it, a countless little thing that seems so harmless. Returning just one more text while walking down the street. Listening with our ear buds while we cross the light rail tracks to save a few feet. Running alongside a bus to get the operator’s attention. After all, we’re busy. Or we’...

Discover the places where art and transit meet

Art allows us to cross divides, find common ground and build bridges. It delivers joy yet offers solitude. It’s very personal but can be displayed publicly for all to enjoy. The integration of art into transit is intentional yet unexpected. Naturally, art can be found in the most typical places: g...