Valley Bike Month April 2019
It might be time to rethink how you travel to work. The number of Valley residents using alternative modes of transportation to commute continues to grow. According to a 2018 transportation survey, 28 percent of commuters in the Maricopa County Travel Reduction Program got to work via alternative modes of transportation, including bicycling.
Emma Farrell is an English teacher at Ironwood High School and a bicycle commuter. She has been cycling to and from work for the past three years.
“I ride right into campus and park my bike in the classroom,” Farrell said. “This shows students that biking is a feasible commute mode and opens up dialogue about how to ride when there are questions.”
Riding a conventional bike and e-bike is a way of life for Larry Gardner. In addition to not having to sit in traffic while on his way to work, Gardner says, “other benefits include reducing my carbon footprint and having peace of mind that I am doing my part to contribute to cleaner air and saving money.”
There’s no better time to experience the benefits of bicycling than in April for Valley Bike Month. Valley Metro is partnering with cities across the region on everything from family rides and races to a Bike Prom. Visit to learn more about Valley Bike Month events, find a bike buddy, track your bicycling trips and enter to win prizes.
Did you know? The benefits of bicycling include:
  • Convenient connections: Bike instead of drive and then connect to bus or light rail to complete your trip.
  • Improved health: Burn more calories and reduce stress and the risk of heart disease.
  • Money saved: Cyclists save on commute and parking costs.
  • Environmentally friendly: Reduces emissions that cause air pollution, fuel consumption and traffic congestion.