Tempe Town Lake Bridge

Heroes across our communities wear many different types of uniforms, including the Valley’s thousands of transit workers.

"Alongside our state and local leadership, we honor all of those who are working in harms way to maintain the health and safety of Arizona by lighting our Tempe Town Lake light rail bridge blue," said Scott Smith, Valley Metro CEO. “We are also recognizing frontline staff at Valley Metro - operators, maintainers, security and others - who are dedicated to getting essential workers to their critical jobs. Our team members are going above-and-beyond to keep people and our economy moving during this challenging time. We thank Governor Ducey for leading the way in honoring these heroes."

The #LightAZBlue initiative is to express support and gratitude to frontline workers. As a way to further honor these individuals, Valley Metro will transition the Tempe Town Lake Bridge, where light rail travels, to solid blue.

To also show gratitude and respect to the millions of transit workers across the nation, at noon (MST) tomorrow (April 16), all participating transit agencies, including Valley Metro, will simultaneously sound two, one-second horn blasts from each vehicle in service. Anyone can show support by using #SoundTheHorn and #HeroesMovingHeroes in social posts.

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