Text: Valley Metro ArtsLine inside two hands

Valley Metro Rail is your #ArtsLine.

Take part in the ArtsLine Ride & Seek Digital Scavenger Hunt from Nov. 14 at 6 p.m. to Nov. 16 at midnight for your chance at awesome prizes and a fun adventure along Valley Metro Rail. 

Your challenge:

Ride & Seek to find as many Art Icons on the list before time runs out! Post a selfie on Instagram with each Art Icon you find using #ArtsLine for a chance to win prizes! To help you out, the light rail station exit is listed with every icon. Each post counts as one entry.

How to participate:

Take a selfie in front of the found Art Icon, post on Instagram AND
(a)    Tag @valleymetro in the post
(b)    Use the hashtag #ArtsLine
(c)    Be sure your profile is public!

List of Art Icons (10 total):

  1. Fortoul Brothers Art Exhibition/Concert Series
    Nov. 15 from 6 p.m.-midnight
    45 W. Buchanan St.
    Find the ArtsLine Bus
    Rail station: Jefferson/1st Ave
  2. Find the circle of stones connecting the rail station and park-and-ride.
    Art piece: Landmark by Ilan Averbach
    Rail station: Central Ave/Camelback
  3. Discover ancient history with the Mayan culture.
    Art piece: Appropriated Identity by Jamex & Einar De La Torre
    Rail station: Encanto/Central Ave
  4. This Art Icon might make you think a bit, but bet you can find The Thinker.
    Art piece: A Thousand Points of Reference by Michael Maglich
    Rail station: McDowell/Central Ave
  5. Find the first woman Supreme Court Justice, who lived in Arizona.
    Art piece: Justice for All... by Stephen Farley
    Rail station: Jefferson/1st Ave
  6. See a penny, don't pick it up. Instead take a picture!
    Art piece: Papago Portal by Laurie Lundquist
    Rail station: Priest Dr/Washington
  7. Tempe Town Lake just turned 20. Find the replica of the old Tempe Town Bridge. 
    Art piece: Landmarks by Tad Savinar
    Rail station: Veterans Way/College Ave
  8. Is it stacked baskets or a beehive? Take your pic!
    Art piece: Seed Giver by Brad Konick
    Rail station: Sycamore/Main St
  9. You may remember one of your parents reading to you, like this mother and daughter.
    Art piece: Sixteen Stories of One Home Town by Mary Lucking 
    Rail station: Mesa Dr/Main St
  10. It's no giraffe, but his neck sure is long.
    Art piece: Travelers Home by Hans VanMeeuwen
    Rail station: Gilbert Rd/Main St 


First Place (1 Winner)

  • $300 in gift cards
  • Limited edition Fortoul Brothers signed print
  • Fortoul Brothers T-shirt, ArtsLine sticker
  • Valley Metro 31-Day pass

Second Place (1 Winner)

  • $150 in gift cards
  • Limited edition Fortoul Brothers signed print
  • Fortoul Brothers T-shirt, ArtsLine sticker
  • Valley Metro 31-Day pass

Third Place (8 Winners)

  • T-shirt/Swag
  • Limited Edition Fortoul Brothers signed print
  • ArtsLine sticker
  • Valley Metro 31-Day pass


Winners will be announced on Monday, November 18. They will also be contacted via Instagram direct message and have 24 hours to respond, or else a new winner will be selected. Winners can claim their prize in person or be mailed their prize the following week.


Your Instagram post must include: one of the listed Art Icons, #ArtsLine and tag @valleymetro. All submissions must be made as public posts. Valley Metro will not accept direct messages. All photographers retain their exclusive rights to their submitted materials and irrevocably grant Valley Metro unrestricted rights to use submitted photos during and after this contest has concluded at Valley Metro’s sole discretion. You may submit one entry (Instagram post) for each Art Icon. There is no limit to the number of photos Valley Metro will accept and consider for this contest. Valley Metro encourages all participants to show us their creativity! Please make a point of not disturbing other riders when entering the contest. To be eligible for all prizes you must be over 18 years of age. Valley Metro reserves the right to change the contest prizes at any time. Contest runs November 14 at 6 p.m. until November 16 at midnight. On November 18, 2019, Valley Metro will announce the winners on Instagram.