New Artsline Spotlight Artist hopes to inspire younger generations | Valley Metro
Artsline Spotlight artist's work of girl reading a book at Roosevelt/Central Ave station

A new mural is up at our Roosevelt/Central Ave light rail station thanks to our new fall Artsline Spotlight Artist, Jerome Fleming aka Kulorbandit. The lush green landscape with brightly colored accents is eye-catching whether you’re at the station to catch a train or simply passing by. 

“I let the colors and shapes in my art do the talking for me. This piece needed to stand out from the rest of the station,” Fleming said. 

Kulorbandit drew inspiration for this piece from Amanda Gorman, the poet laureate from the presidential inauguration. The yellow flowers stand out against the field of green representing confidence and promote a bright future. The birdcage was left open on purpose, reminding people to fly free towards their passions and goals. While the lone butterfly in this mural symbolizes a new beginning, it also gives a nod to the great migration when paired with artwork found on the train. 

“Representation matters,” Fleming explained,” I want the younger generation, especially African American children, to see themselves represented in the world.” 

Kulorbandit was thrilled to be selected as an Artsline Spotlight Artist to be able to use his talent to ignite the city and the arts community. He hopes that this artwork resonates with people from all walks of life. Kulorbandit has one request, “I just hope that everyone will come down to the wall and find their own inspiration in my art.”