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It's a passing of the torch as Valley Metro is proud to announce our newest Local Artsline Artist, Jayarr Steiner. Jayarr sits between the Fortoul Brothers, our current Local Artsline Artist. We thank them for their work and help in launching Artsline. 

Jayarr Steiner is a versatile artist based out of Tempe. He’s done live dance and art sessions for Downtown Tempe Authority (DTA), along with large-scale murals in Phoenix and Tempe. He has collaborated on logos and branding designs with several local and national companies, such as Google. As the new Local Artsline Artist, Jayarr will now be able to share his You Are Amazing positive message across the entire Valley. 

“I have a message. You Are Amazing. If I can spread this message to the masses, to the world, to my city, then my life will be fulfilled,” Jayarr said about spreading his message through art. “This Artsline project gives me a chance to positively affect people with color and a simple statement.”


Text: You Are Amazing painted on a side of home under carport

The message You Are Amazing was first displayed on the wall of Jayarr's home (see above). He was running a yoga studio inside his house and wanted a BIG statement that would affect his students coming in and out of class. "It worked! People were taking pictures in front of it. The response was just so positive," says Jayarr. 

Jayarr never imagined the impact and energy this statement would bring to his yoga community. That's when the You Are Amazing message was truly born and gave him inspiration for a myriad of art pieces. Jayarr wants to share this message with as many people as possible, "If I want to feel worthy, I have to tell people that they're worthy first and I hope to get that energy reflected. It's not fair to just take from the world, it's not fair to just grab. It's important to give first, initially big statements You Are Amazing and then receive."

Jayarr's dynamic artwork will be featured on the large-scale wall at Roosevelt/Central Ave rail station, ceiling art inside light rail trains, bus and train wraps, shirts, stickers and more. Learn more about Artsline by visiting

As with many artists, Jayarr is a people person and loves connecting with anyone and everyone. Follow him on Instagram at @Jayarr.Art and soon we'll announce events where you can meet him too.