More places to park, better access to public transit. Valley Metro and the city of Peoria opened the Peoria Park-and-Ride on Sept. 23, 2019 for riders and commuters. This park-and-ride is in the heart of their downtown at 83rd Ave. and Peoria Ave, next to Grand Ave; connecting you to Route 83, 106 and Grand Ave Limited. 

The new facility features:

  • A total of 71 spaces: 67 regular size, 4 ADA size. 49 spaces are covered.
  • Six secured bicycle parking spaces with Bike Lids.
  • Two charging stations for electric vehicles.
  • Security cameras and timed awning lights for increased night visibility.

This is the second park-and-ride in Arizona to feature pervious concrete. Pervious concrete is water absorbing asphalt that will stop water from pooling and help reduce the heat island effect.

This park-and-ride is also a great spot for commuters to park their car safely to either carpool or van pool. For more information on finding a carpool or van pool in the area, visit

Visit the Peoria Park-and-Ride project page for additional information.