Beginning Monday, October 11, bus riders will start using the front doors again to board. Here are some rider reminders so you are ready to enter through the front doors: 

  • Fare is required. The farebox will be open for cash payments, but you can speed up the boarding process by already having fare. Fare passes can be purchased at any of our light rail stations or retail locations
  • Wear your mask properly at all times. The federal mandate to wear a mask on public transit has been extended to January 18, 2022. 
  • Gather all your belongings. Please have all your stuff together before the bus arrives to board quickly. 

We thank you for your patience while the operator doors were installed to protect riders and operators. The operator doors are one more way Valley Metro has responded to keep passengers and frontline staff safe during the pandemic. For more information on Valley Metro’s response to COVID-19 visit