Labor shortage may impact your service | Valley Metro
Masked bus driver talks with other personnel through an open window

Across the country, the transportation industry is experiencing a labor shortage related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, we are experiencing an impact locally as well. Due to a lack of Valley Metro bus operators, there may be disruptions to your schedules, including delayed service and missed trips. We apologize for this inconvenience as you choose to ride Valley Metro for your travel across the Valley.

To help you locate your next arriving bus or train, try downloading the Valley Metro app. This app provides you with real-time vehicle tracking, updated schedule information and rider alerts. Download now in the Google Play or Apple App stores. Learn more at

Another environmentally friendly transit option is to find a carpool at This is a ride-matching program for people with similar commuting travel patterns.

We are actively working on solutions to better attract and retain a quality workforce in this rapidly changing environment. Positions are available now for operators, maintenance staff and security personnel. If you are looking for a position with Valley Metro, or one of our contractors, visit for more information.