As part of Valley Metro’s new “Respect the Ride” code of conduct, fare zone striping is being installed at each rail station.

The newly installed signs and clearly marked “fare zones” help to raise passenger awareness of the rules of riding as well as to more strongly delineate the enforcement areas.

The first installation of the paid fare zone striping took place at Roosevelt/Central Ave. The next will take place at 19th Ave/Dunlap and continue east. Completion of the project is anticipated in March.

Our goal is to ensure a pleasant ride for every customer. Light rail holds a special place in our community as it connects people to life and helps drive our economy.

We know light rail is safe; but the public must also know it’s safe. The “Respect the Ride” code of conduct empowers Valley Metro to remove riders who engage in inappropriate or unsafe behavior. More than anything, Valley Metro is determined to create an atmosphere where passengers respect the service, staff, equipment and, of course, each other.