Right knows the rules. Rong jaywalks like a fool. That is one of many new tips featured in an amusing, but serious, rider campaign.

“Valley Metro is a safe system, but there are a few riders who may exhibit certain behaviors that can make our fare-paying passengers uncomfortable,” said Scott Smith, Valley Metro CEO. “Introducing the Right & Rong campaign allows us to effectively share the message that bad behavior is just not tolerated.” Smith shares highlights on Respect the Ride in this new video.

Valley Metro is featuring the characters on social media, at rail stations and on board the trains. It’s a component of the new Code of Conduct approved by the Valley Metro Boards last October, which included new fare zone striping and Respect the Ride signage. Learn more and sign the pledge to Ride like Right here.

Future initiatives include station ambassadors that would support station activity and communicate system delays, as well as a transit security alert app to help riders discreetly notify enforcement staff.