South Central Extension/Downtown Hub | Valley Metro


The five-mile extension will connect south Phoenix to the regional light rail system, which runs from downtown Phoenix to Baseline Road.

Visit us at the South Central Extension Community Office 

5040 S. Central Ave., Phoenix
Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Evenings and weekends by appointment, call (602) 687-8585

What is the South Central Extension/Downtown Hub?

The South Central Extension/Downtown Hub is more than just a train; it’s a way to bring new opportunities and connections to South Phoenix residents. It’s a catalyst for positive change.

The South Central Extension/Downtown Hub will connect with the current light rail system in downtown Phoenix and operate south to Baseline Road. The project also includes a hub in downtown Phoenix, new stations and public art.

Today, more than 45,000 riders rely on light rail each day. Light rail has proven to generate economic prosperity for historically underserved communities in metro Phoenix.

Light rail makes the unique offerings of South Phoenix more accessible to others, attracting new customers, businesses and jobs to the area. In 2016, the Phoenix City Council approved advancing the opening date of the extension from 2034 to 2023. The advancement is funded through Transportation 2050, a 35-year, multi-modal transportation plan approved by Phoenix voters, and is expected to open for operations in 2024.


5.5 miles, 9 stations, 18 artists, 2 park-and-rides