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Requesting Reasonable Modifications

Valley Metro is committed to providing reasonable modification(s) to its fixed-route bus, light rail, and/or ADA paratransit operating policies and practices for individuals with disabilities.

Reasonable modifications can be made for any passenger upon request through email, in writing or by phone. These are changes meant to make Valley Metro’s fixed-route bus, light rail and/or ADA paratransit service policies and practices more accessible for those with disabilities. We encourage you to read through the

 for answers to common questions.
  • Online: Passengers have the option to fill out the online request form or request a hardcopy, which includes alternate formats such as large print, braille, audio and electronic (Word or text file formats) and Spanish language.
  • By Email: A passenger may send a completed copy of this form to Valley Metro at along with any supplemental information required by this policy. Responses will be sent via email.
  • In Writing: A completed form (Word or Adobe) and all attachments should be mailed to: Manager of Accessible Transit Services, 4600 E. Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034. Responses will be sent by letter.
  • By Phone: A passenger may request a Reasonable Modification by contacting Valley Metro at (602) 716-2100, Option 1, during standard Valley Metro business hours. Staff will either email, fax or mail this policy and the Reasonable Modifications Request Form to the passenger. If needed, staff will complete the online form for the passenger based on information provided by the passenger. Responses to this request will be sent by letter.
  • Response Time: Valley Metro will have five business days to review and decide on each request. Valley Metro will have an additional five business days to provide a final response to the passenger.

What If My Request Is Denied?

If a request is denied, or if an alternate modification is proposed, the response will detail the reasons for the denial.

Want to appeal a decision? At no more than 60 days after a denial feel free to email or by sending a written request to: Manager of Accessible Transit Services, Valley Metro, 4600 E. Washington St., Ste. 101, Phoenix, AZ 85034.

Who Oversees Modification Requests?

The responsible employee for this program is Valley Metro’s Manager of Accessible Transit Service.

What If My City or Local Service Handles Its Own Requests?

Some communities in the Metro Phoenix area take a local approach to providing modifications to regular service. Valley Metro will coordinate all requests so individuals won’t have to duplicate requests. 

How Are Requests Processed?

After Valley Metro staff receives your initial request a few steps are taken to make an informed decision.

  • The initial review includes collecting and reviewing all documents you send in to ensure your request is complete. Missing a document or two? We’ll reach out and let you know what we still need.
  • When the request is complete, it will be forwarded to the ATS Manager or his/her designee. Copies of the request are then sent to any transit or paratransit provider which may be called on to provide the requested modification.
  • A final review by the ATS Manager will round out the process to determine the best course of action. Within five (5) business days, the ATS Manager (in consultation with all potentially affected service providers) will decide either to:
    • Grant the modification request.
    • Deny the modification request.
    • Negotiate the request and offer an alternate modification.
  • The ATS Manager will provide a full explanation related to whatever decision is made.

What Factors Will Be Considered?

As you can imagine there are a few things we look for before granting a request. Here are the following factors we consider:

  • Does the requestor have a disability? If not, do they have supporting documentation like an ADA Paratransit ID number?
  • Is the requested modification being made as a convenience or personal preference? We’ll always consider the disability and the stated reason as to why the individual needs reasonable modification.
  • Would granting the request create a situation that would pose a threat to the health or safety of others? We want everyone to get the same great service, but not at the cost of hindering other passengers.
  • Would the modification create an undue administrative or financial burden to Valley Metro?

Records and Administrative Information

Within seven (7) days, modifications will be made unless the ATS Manager negotiates a longer timeframe with the customers. The ATS Manager will also maintain a copy of the request with all supplemental information for no less than five (5) years. Other documentation stored includes a copy of the final decision made, copy of an appeal, and any other pertinent information in connection with the request.

What If I Don’t Make A Request Ahead of Time?

We do prefer our passengers to make requests ahead in advance whenever possible. If something arises while using any Valley Metro services, individuals may make a request for a reasonable modification to the appropriate employee on-site (i.e. the driver of a fixed route bus or Dial-A-Ride vehicle). From there the operator will contact dispatch for a decision and further instructions.


All Valley Metro transit and paratransit personnel are trained regarding policies and procedures of reasonable modifications. Appropriate training for requests made “on-site” will be developed by front-line personnel.

More information can be found at and includes the full text of the RM policy and procedures. Individuals can also call (602) 716-2100.