The Short Range Transit Program (SRTP) identifies transit service change concepts for the next five years and builds upon previous and ongoing Valley Metro efforts. The SRTP identifies regional and local fixed-route service change concepts regardless of funding source (e.g. regional or local). The SRTP is based on input submitted by individual member agencies, as well as concepts developed by Valley Metro staff in conjunction with the Board-approved Transit Standards and Performance Measures (TSPM). The SRTP serves as input for processes such as the Transit Life Cycle Program (TLCP), Fleet Management Plan (FMP), bi-annual service changes and the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The SRTP addresses three goals in the Valley Metro Board FY16-20 Strategic Plan:

  • Goal 1: Advance performance-based operations - Tactic A: Operate an effective, reliable, high-performing transit system
  • Goal 2: Grow transit ridership - Tactic A: Expand and improve transit services to reach new markets
  • Goal 3: Focus on economic development, regional competitiveness and financial resources - Tactic B: Pursue all available funding opportunities for transit projects and services