Carpool Plus Telework To Save Even More

Picture of Adrian Q.
Meet Adrian, who carpooled and teleworked at his prior job, saving 25 miles each way. He also learned some great tips to sweeten the commute. “I really loved tracking my trips at so I could see my savings,” he says. “And, I liked the contests.”  

Adrian shared the ride with his brother, who worked at the same company and lived about six miles from him. “I have an older car, so it was really helpful to reduce the costs of fuel and maintenance,” he adds.

Occasionally it was challenging to coordinate the pickup location. Adrian explains, “I usually dropped my kids at daycare where my brother picked me up. However, if the kids were sick, sometimes he showed up at daycare to pick me up when I really needed him to meet at my house.”

Adrian and his brother also learned to message each other around 4:00 p.m. daily to confirm their commuting plans. “That way,” he said, “if things changed due to a last minute project we could decide how to handle it.”

Adrian encourages finding someone at work to carpool with. “I really miss it being in this new job for the past few months. I’m working now to find a carpool partner so I can minimize costs.”