A picture of Anthony C.
Light Rail Is The Way To Go

Valley commuters have many backgrounds, ages, ethnic groups, economic classes, and experience. Some are life-long Arizona residents who have never taken transit, while others have relocated to the Valley and are seasoned riders. 

Meet Anthony Chattley, an employee at City of Phoenix who relocated from the East Coast. “I used to take mass transit every day when I lived back East so I’m comfortable using the system,” Anthony explains. “There are many differences with the system in Phoenix – service is not as robust. But that hasn’t stopped me from being a regular light rail rider for nearly nine years!”

Anthony finds that light rail offers a cost-effective solution for his commute and takes less energy than driving alone. “While I ride, I can relax and read. It’s also convenient to take a direct route to the 44th St./Washington light rail station to connect to PHX Sky Train® when I need to travel in and out of the airport,” Anthony adds.

“Although service is not as frequent as it is back East, I can still catch a train every 12 minutes during peak periods* so planning my trip is easy,” Anthony shares. “Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that there are people who sometimes disobey rules, like smoking near the platforms. But I’m glad to hear about Valley Metro’s Respect the Ride initiative that informs riders about the code of conduct and enforcement when those don’t cooperate. Regardless of any challenges with taking transit, I find that it is a great commute solution and encourage people to use the light rail. It’s easy to get your pass, too. Just go to the kiosk located at each light rail station, pay and get onboard!”

* Trains arrive every 12 minutes from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.; all other hours, every 20 minutes.