Teleworking Means More Than Working From Home

Picture on right of text of Carolyn B.

When commuters telework, they do more than save money on commute costs – they eliminate trips to the workplace that reduce pollution and traffic congestion. 

“One of the greatest benefits for me is that I no longer spend 45 minutes driving each way and I can use that time for more valuable tasks,” explains Carolyn Brandenberger, a teleworker in the banking industry.

“I’ve been working from home twice per week for about six years. I am more productive when I am at my home office because there are fewer interruptions and distractions - less “pinging” and more focus,” Carolyn adds.

“I’m also a participant on, Valley Metro’s online commute-matching, and tracking system. Although I could search for a carpool or vanpool, I don’t use that feature. I simply track my telework hours and enter contests.” Carolyn smiles, “I have won some great prizes, too, like movie passes and gift cards to restaurants!”

With technology, Carolyn is able to communicate effectively with team members. “With my manager in Boston and my team spread across the nation, I’m better able to meet with them when I work from home. Start times and end times vary and working from home takes the inconvenience and stress of driving in rush-hour, away.”  “Those who are considering telework – as a teleworker or as a manager incorporating a telework schedule – should start with one day per week. It requires trust, defining and communicating clear expectations and having a backup plan should there be a technical problem,” Carolyn advises. With so many benefits to telework, it’s definitely worth a try!