A picture of Emma F.
Practice What You Teach

Most people agree that teachers carry a special aura – selflessness and exemplary way about them. Emma F. is no exception – she is an English teacher at Ironwood High School and bicycle commuter.

“I’ve been cycling to and from work for about three years,” Emma explains. “I ride right into the campus and park my bike in the classroom. This shows students that biking is a feasible commute mode and opens up a dialogue about how to ride when there are questions.” Emma is motivated by setting an example. “I am also motivated to ride because it makes me feel self-reliant and it challenges me.”

Emma’s tips for those interested in biking to work or school include planning ahead. “I drive in to work one day with spare clothes for the rest of the work days,” she explains. “I can change when I arrive should I get sweaty or want to ride in athletic gear.” Emma also advises to research your route and try once outside of the workday to alleviate pressure. “I researched my route and found there are canals to take, which enable me to avoid traffic,” she adds.  Emma is encouraging, resourceful and leads by example – a perfect fit for a bicyclist and teacher!