Stories of Inspiration - Larry G.
Biking is a Way of Life

For Larry G., riding a conventional and an e-bike is a way of life. “I’ve biked to work for 11 years, beginning in Oregon, where I used to reside.“ Larry describes the commute in the Valley as much easier. “I use multi-use trails, mostly along the SR-51.”

Being far removed from traffic during Larry’s ride is his favorite part of the commute. “Other benefits include reducing my carbon footprint, having peace of mind that I am doing my part to contribute to cleaner air and saving money,” he boasts. “I also enjoy meeting others along the way. Though it is a quiet commute, I occasionally stop and talk with other cyclists.”

Larry also discusses the need for being prepared. “I’ve encountered a flat tire during my ride. Thankfully, I keep tools with me, such as Slime tube sealant. When necessary, I can catch a bus to complete my trip and address the bike repair later.” Larry also recommends knowing the bike laws, having a rearview mirror and adequate lighting for night rides.  

With a little preparation and reverence for safety, you can also hop on a bike and enjoy a quiet commute.