Abstract painting of a fist full of art brushes - 21 Annual Design a Transit Wrap Contest

Each year high school students are invited to enter Valley Metro’s Design a Transit Wrap Contest. The students are asked to promote the benefits of public transportation from their unique perspective. The contest provides a forum to showcase artistic talent, instill a sense of pride and ownership of the system and help develop a new generation of passengers.

Enter Valley Metro’s 21st Annual Design a Transit Wrap Contest and see your artwork on a Valley Metro bus and light rail train for an entire year. The first place winner also receives $750!


Kate Flores - 20th Design a Transit Wrap contest winner

New Design A Transit Wrap bus

Arcadia High School student, Kate Flores, was the winner of Valley Metro’s 20th Annual Design a Transit Wrap contest in 2020. Her artwork, titled Oh the places you’ll go with Valley Metro, was featured on a bus and light rail train.

Flores’ design was chosen out of more than 100 entries submitted by high school students across Maricopa County.