As a student, my schedule changes each semester based on the classes I enrolled in. Luckily, Valley Metro makes multiple stops all over the Valley that I can work into my school itinerary. This also comes in handy when I have to take classes at multiple campuses. For example, this semester I am taking classes at ASU’s Tempe and Downtown Phoenix locations. I’m able to save money on gas and outrageous parking expenses by utilizing Valley Metro’s services. I can use the extra time that I’m not driving to catch up on homework, read, or go through emails. I discovered all of the great options Valley Metro had to offer the summer before starting at ASU. I was transferring in as a junior and got a part-time job on campus. One of my co-workers lived in Goodyear and told me she took the RAPID service to get to campus. RAPID services pick you up at a park and ride and then take you Downtown, without multiple stops like the city bus entails. If that wasn’t reason enough to give it a try, she told me she paid $200 for a student bus pass during the school year and $75 for one during the summer. I thought it was too good to be true. Riding public transportation isn’t always easy. There can be moments when people are talking extremely loud, the air conditioning doesn’t seem to be working, or the bus is late. Sometimes I’ve missed the bus or gotten out of class early and have to wait for the next one to arrive. Despite the minor struggles, I wouldn’t change my commute at all. Taking public transportation was a choice, and it is something I will always remember about my time at ASU. Valley Metro makes getting to school affordable and accessible. I’d love to see more students onboard, so they can utilize the extra 30 minutes as I do.

Alexis Kuhbander
Valley Metro Rider